Writing is another passion that helps fill the cracks of my free time. I currently have short stories and essays to share here, with a novel in the editing stage on the way. (To gauge my reading tastes, stalk me on my Goodreads profile.)

short stories

I Should Be Alive

Aug 2014. 6k words.


An inept paranormal investigation show, its cameraman, its psychic, TV, and the years.


Dec 2014. 5k words.


Stylistic parody of school-assigned coming-of-age stories.

Saint’s Bones

Dec 2014. 2k words.

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A medieval church hordes the Lord. Written for a college short story contest. And won!


A Skyrimbaby’s Guide to Morrowind and Oblivion

Sep 2015. 4k words.

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A review/guide for The Elder Scrolls video game series for people who hopped aboard late (like me).

So Random!: How to Build Attachment to Random Generation (and Not Be No Man’s Sky)

Aug 2016. 4k words.

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A look at the history of random generation in video game design and how it can work, from the context of No Man’s Sky’s release.


Old Shame

Feb 2012–Jul 2017

Modern-day sci-fi with neurotic aliens. In the editing stage since July 2017.