Fangamer packing slips 2 — Mario 10 Aug 2013

The good people of Fangamer had initially printed that they wanted packing slips about Super Mario RPG, but, thankfully, had crossed out the “RPG” part. I’d been drawing Mario comics since I was around four, so these came easy to me.

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I crossed out the “end it all” drawing with a permanent marker before mailing these back. My sense of humor is generally pretty dark, but I didn’t feel too good about this one. It felt like I was exploiting the plight of the green-shelled Koopas for a laugh, and only adding onto their plight, not helping them.

About 1/6th of my childhood was spent trying to get on that damn island.


I apologize for the bottom right one. I try to avoid painful clichés like this, but, ah, when drawing packing slips, these things tend to just slip out. Bwwwaaahhh.

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I have no idea what I was trying to do with all the stuff around that Bullet Bill. I guess that’s the kind of slip they use for people who don’t buy anything expensive.
I wonder if people buying Mario merchandise are familiar with GameShark codes for Super Mario 64? Sure, why not. Who doesn’t like Pokeys?

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I’m not proud of that thumbs up.