Weekly 48 — DeviantArt purge 22 Jun 2015

Finally, a chance to share my furry art with the world.

Before I made this website, DeviantArt served as my dumping grounds for my Photoshop creations. DeviantArt is a scary place. (Most of the good photography I uploaded there was repurposed here.) In no order…


My profile ID.


My other profile ID. (“Goomba Smackdown!!” was my old online alias.)


I was really proud of this when I made it. I think I was listening to Kid A too much then and projecting its mood on everything, which can be dangerous.

(I figured out that listening to the right music can vastly improve any kind of strange modern art you’re looking at that wouldn’t normally have much of an effect. I first found the website but does it float while listening to Brian Eno’s Music for Airports on a loop and spent hours on it opening hundreds of tabs. I also remember wandering the modern art section of the Art Institute of Chicago while listening to Nobukazu Takemura’s wonderful album Scope, and now I couldn’t imagine going through there with no music and having the same experience. Not that any of these albums could make the above image interesting…)



flatland dark


A rejected version of what became this.


When 12-year-old me uploaded this to DeviantArt, I got a comment from GraphicDesignSchool that read:

please contact us at admin@thegraphicdesignschool.com if you would like to be a feature artist and write a tutorial based on the apple ad for our newsletter.

I had used some stock images and brushes that weren’t mine and got paranoid (and was 12) and never responded.


A wallpaper for Nintenzone, a Nintendo forum I was active on and helped run.




This is pretty bad, but sums up my old aesthetic: 17 layers of stock images set to overlay.


A jj song. Mad edgy.


I made this pre-Illustrator and only used Photoshop paths.