Weekly 53 — A year of weeklies 27 Jul 2015


This Turin Shroud-like smudge you see is a composite of every image from the last fifty-two weeks of weekly posts, layered over each other at 1% opacity. Here’s the same image enhanced (with the Corner Clocks removed):

oneyear enhanced

I came up with a plan to make weekly posts sometime early last year, and made my first post on July 29, 2014. My basic goals with the weekly posts were to have a place I could post weird things I make that don’t belong on my homepage, and to give myself a reason to keep making weird things and experiment.

A concern before doing this was that I’d forego my carefully crafted professional image (if I had one) by showing my experiments and drafts, and break the image of always being completely in control of the process of bringing something from a blank white rectangle to the final product. After a year of them I’m not really worried like I was, because for every quick thrown-off weekly that wasn’t that interesting (there were a couple) there were surprising experiments that ended up being much more than I expected them to be.

Here is a picking of some of my favorite weeklies I made in the last year, particularly things that I wouldn’t have tried if I didn’t start this whole weekly thing:

Weekly 1 — Gradients + Spot Healing Brush Tool
Weekly 7 — Grid
Weekly 9 — Reserve 2
Weekly 10 — Scatter
Weekly 17 — Text + Spot Healing Brush Tool
Weekly 19 — Scatter 2
Weekly 36 — Paint GIFs
Weekly 44 — Pixelate (X’s)
Weekly 45 — Pixelate (Gradient)