Weekly 89 — Human scatter 4 Apr 2016

In my previous “scatter” posts (10, 11, 19, 25, and 88), I used Illustrator tools to quickly create a chaotic, complex image. The process was very experimental: flowing with the results and interesting things that appear instead of planning anything ahead of time. I can make images like those extremely quickly, which, although I like the results, makes it feel like cheating. For this weekly I wanted to do the opposite. I remembered a doodle I made on a piece of lined paper in a slow high school class and scanned it to create…


While I wasn’t going for a perfect impersonation of randomness (I think I had Stuart Davis on my mind), it was fun tracing over the drawing and seeing how my hand went for patterns and layers that the Illustrator Align and Pathfinder tabs don’t spawn on their own. There’s a distinct warm and humanist (jazzy?) feel to this compared to previous “scatter” images.

Naturally, I couldn’t pick just one color scheme I liked: